About Us

The Co-Founders Wakerah Minder and Pamela Boatner, both attended University of Pittsburgh where they connected through their interest of administering healthcare to populations in need. While working in healthcare, these ladies noticed disparities for women of color, specifically during their pregnancies. This remains apparent as African American and Hispanic women maintain the highest rates of maternal morbidity and mortality in the United States. Prenatal education has shown to help families be informed and assist with self advocacy. In January of 2019, the visionaries Wakerah Minder and Pamela Boatner saw a need for all women to receive affordable, relatable, evidenced based prenatal information to women and families. With this mission, Prepared Pregnancy was born. These Mom-prenuers are committed to making sure all women and families are supported, heard, and confident throughout their pregnancies. They offer classes that can be accessed whether you are bedrest, far away, short on money, or simply unable to go to a traditional expensive prenatal class. Enroll today!